Germany: A leading exporter of climate solutions

Background: On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the consultancy Roland Berger regularly analyzes the German Greentech sector. In its most recent report published in 2021, it found that environmental and resource efficiency technologies represented around 15% of the German tech output in 2020.  While the German share of the overall global economic output is only 3.4%, German companies are estimated to account for ca. 14% of the global market for green technologies. This market is expected to grow at a disproportionate pace over the coming years.

Vidia Takeaway: Germany is Europe’s leading exporter of climate solutions. Known around the globe for its engineering excellence, the industrial “Mittelstand” plays an important role in critical supply chains. We expect Germany to benefit from the global demand for climate solutions, which is amplified by the ongoing energy crisis and disruption of global energy supply chains.

Source: “Greentech Made in Germany”, Roland Berger, April 2021