Scaling Products for a Net Zero World

Background: Mandated by the WEF, strategy consultancy BCG studied green market leaders’ ability to take advantage of an increasing willingness to pay for green products and services. As bold sustainability commitments by large downstream market players continue to cascade upstream current supply chains, sustainability-leading industrial suppliers have an opportunity to obtain a strategic advantage. While green cost premiums – especially in the industrial sector – continue to decline with support from regulatory tailwinds, green growth strategies and early strategic positioning can pay off even before cost parity is achieved.

Vidia Takeaway: The study convincingly supports the thesis that an increased strategic focus on green growth across existing value chains can offer industrial suppliers an early mover advantage as well as an attractive potential for near- to mid-term value creation.

Source: “Winning in Green Markets: Scaling Products for a Net Zero World”, World Economic Forum & BCG, 2023